How much does it cost?


As each property is different, prices will vary depending on the type,size,accessibility and frequency of cleaning. We will be happy to come and have a look at your property, and provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

Can you clean windows in the rain?

We only use pure water to clean the exterior windows, as rain water has relatively low amounts of dissolved solids in it, it shouldn’t affect the overall finish, for peace of mind we offer a 100% happiness guarantee, if your not happy we will be back to fix it for free. We clean the frames and sills each time too so the whole window is kept clean.

How often should i get my windows cleaned?

How can i pay?

Why are my windows wet?

Can you clean my fascia/cladding/doors/signs?


For residential customers we recommend having your windows cleaned every month to keep them in optimum condition.

For commercial customers we offer a custom cleaning schedule, from weekly cleans for shopfronts and one off cleaning for offices and commercial facilities, we are many peoples first choice for window cleaning.

We accept Bank Transfer, cash and all major debit and credit cards via our pay my bill page.

We use pure water to clean the windows, any droplets still on the windows will be left over from the rinse stage, these will dry clear once they evaporate.

Yes we are able to clean all types of exterior surfaces, ideal if you want to tidy up the exterior of your property before a special event or need to keep your business advertisements clean and presentable.